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Welcome to the Artist Database. A growing collection of emerging and established artists from across the South West. Browse through the personalised profiles, search for specific artists or use the filter to find what you're looking for - your next favourite artist.

Ellie Cottrell
Janet Chaplin
Olha Barvynka
Genevieve Murray
Kim Jarvis MA
Anna Lansley
Maike Nielsen
Karl Hamilton-Cox
Tamsin Stuart
Jane Powell
Wendy Golding
Gillian Hill
Andy Owen-Smith
Helena Zabko Phillips
Anita Saunders
Olivia Meredith
Ann Ogden
Mike Skinner
Christina Sadler
Ellie Thomas
Dalia Obretin
Corynna Jeudwine
Antonella Scarpa-Isles
Beverley Perry
Nicola Currie
Michael Isles
Jane Foot
Sue Durkin
Simon Barlow
Arthur Owen-Smith
Eleanor Woolley
George Taylor
Susan Mortimer
Nick Pike
Daria Napierala
Andrew Gurnett
Fiona Boult
Lynne Woods
Barbara CURRY
John Eckersley
Andy Bradley
Jonathan Oakes
Caroline J Evans  MA
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