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Have you been looking for a digital platform to share your work, somewhere that isn't social media and is dedicated specifically to art practitioners? Sixteen Online is the community for you.


As a creator, this platform can give you a space to showcase and promote your most recent works in a curated, professional and easy to edit profile. Your artist profile is automatically generated as you upload your images and info and buyers can come directly to you without a middleman.

We charge a small subscription fee to help us support the community by advertising the database and promoting the artists that make up Sixteen Online, so we never take any commission on your work. 


Come and share your practice with us. Sign up below and you can start creating your profile immediately. Click here for help signing up!


Choose from either the monthly or yearly plans below to join the community and get started creating your artists profile.

  • Best Value

    Yearly Membership

    Every year
    The equivalent of two months free!
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month

Be sure to check out our Terms and Conditions here. And once you have signed up you will have access to update your profile whenever you like, and for site visitors to get directly in contact with you. Still need some help or more information on building a profile? Follow the simple steps below to get started.


We've made the process of becoming a member as simple as possible.


All you need to do is follow 4 simple steps and we take care of the rest!

1. Create your login and password

Click the link in the top right if you haven't already made an account.

2. Choose a membership plan that works best for you

You can choose quarterly or yearly for whichever suits you best.


3. Activate your profile using the link we send you

Click the link in the email we send to you. Make sure you're already signed in when you do this.

4. Input your information into your profile and upload your artwork

Choose my profile in the top left and work your way down the form. Don't forget to save!

We have also made a free PDF guide for you to download which shows the whole process from start to finish, along with a handy list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) which some may find useful.

If you are still having trouble with anything at all, use our chat function in the bottom right or contact us via email at

Please make sure to read the Terms and conditions, privacy policy and data policy which are also linked below.



Lemons and Eucalyptus 2.jpg
bath art fair photo by WG.jpg
A Saunders 2023 Mixed media on canvas The Foundling Detail 2.jpg

Nice and clean cut, bright and easy to read. Simple but dynamic. Information is clear, concise and easy to understand. I like that it gives a lot of information without being onerous.

Helena Zabko

It seemed clear, uncluttered and easy to navigate

Wendy Golding

Simple. All the info on the packages, purpose, goals and intent was provided. I'm genuinely excited to be a part of this truly fabulous venture for connecting buyers with artists. Let's celebrate that and our very valuable USP.

Anita Saunders



If you're an art lover or collector, sign up here to find your next favourite artwork whilst directly supporting a community of fantastic artists

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