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7th - 13th March 2024


Artist, musician and performer Leo Live brings rock legends to life in this solo show. 

About the Artist

Leo Live is an artist, singer-songwriter, entertainer, and self-confessed Rockstar Wannabe. 


Leo started out on the Camden indie circuit in the 90s with bands Lemonade Hand Grenade and Glycerine.


He has served as the front man in The Holy Sinners, Over The Hill, Johnny Clash, and the LiveWires.  The musician comes alive on stage, and has entertained audiences across the UK whether performing in a band or as a solo artist.


Leo’s chandelier-swinging and table dancing antics are known to get audiences on their feet, singing along into the night. 


It’s not an exaggeration to say that Leo lives and breathes rock ‘n roll. 


During his first art exhibition in more than a decade, Leo Live brings his music heroes to life in pencil drawings.  Visitors are also invited to view the process behind the scenes by viewing time-lapsed videos. 

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