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Colour And Pattern is our second curated online exhibition featuring Sixteen Online artists, on throughout December.


Through this collection we invite you to embark on a journey through the imagination of artists who defy conventional forms and delve into the expressive depths of the abstract. It is an exploration of the intangible, a celebration of the subjective, and an invitation to embrace unrestrained creativity. As you explore this curated collection, you will encounter five artists showcasing a diverse array of abstract expressions, each piece a visual representation of an artist's inner dialogues when they break free from the conventional. 

To view more of an artist's work, follow the links to their profiles, to get in touch with any artist, just tap the contact button on their page.

Based in Gloucester on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds I am influenced by the countryside around me, taking visual clues from natures forms, colours, and textures, using intuitive marks and lines to illustrate movement, light, and texture. Working mostly in Acrylic, inks, pastels, and charcoal my first passion is abstract art because it evokes a pure instinctive reaction from the viewer. I also have a deep love of language and am constantly inspired by poetry and words, which can be seen in some of my abstract artwork and am fascinated by Abstract Expressionism - an art style that focuses on spontaneous bursts of emotion and intuition.
Graduated in Textile Design from Central St Martins I lived for many years in London until in 2017 I "retired" to Cheltenham. Although Corynna is a textile artist she has recently discovered mono printing which she says gives her the freedom to use colour and pattern which have always been important to her. She often makes her own backgrounds by layering papers which she then stitches into creating vibrant works.
Sue Durkin has been teaching and painting for many years now. Her work is a response to the ever changing landscapes in which she finds herself whether that be in the beauty of the Cornish landscape, the cool light of the North Sea or the rolling fields and hills of Gloucestershire.
As a photographic artist, I am constantly drawn to the overlooked and mundane corners of our urban landscapes. In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, it is easy to miss the richness of what already surrounds us. I invite viewers to slow down and take a closer look. By examining the details of our built environment, we can discover unexpected art and meaning in unlikely locations. My work is an opportunity to discover splendour in the commonplace, and to find strangeness and charm in the everyday details of our lives. The concept for this collection, Accidental Art, is the idea that we see things around us every day that look like their purpose was to be art, that someone made them; yet the truth is they exist only by chance rather than design. All work is available in limited editions of 3 sizes with the measuements being for the longest side of the printed area excluding any border: Small (40 cm), Medium (65 cm) or Large (100 cm). They can be ordered as print only or framed. All prints are giclée printed using archival inks on high-quality German fine-art papers.
Concrete Wall
Based in May Hill village on the Gloucestershire / Herefordshire border Jane paints using wax-based mediums. What buyers say about her semi-abstract, mixed media paintings: "We were immediately drawn to the abstract shapes and colours; then, when seen close up, the piece was clearly very complex and unlike anything we had seen before. There is a subtle sense of anticipation of discovery, because of the multilayered technique. There's always something new to see whenever you look." "Interwoven storylines, a sense of intrigue: an emotive blend of text, texture and humanity. Her paintings speak a language I continue to find fascinating." "The feelings invoked are of calmness and optimism, of curiosity and mystery; the layers expose enticing intriguing handwritten texts barely visible. Jane's paintings continue to give us much joy."
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