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Welcome to our first curated online exhibition, which will be featured throughout all of November.

A beautiful collection of landscape art from a host of our new members. We've selected 10 artists for this exhibition, each bringing their own twist on the discipline of landscape art. Each of the artists styles and techniques assists in showcasing the variety and depth to the theme of landscape.

Click the link below each of the artists to visit their profile, check out more of their work or contact them directly with just a click of a button.

Antonella Scarpa- Isles

Weather Changing

Barbara Curry

Rosy harvest at Snowshill

Beverley Perry


Gillian Hill

Beacon Sunset

Jane Foot

Chapel By The Sea

Jane Powell

Orange Glow

John Eckersley

Lone Tree On A Hill

Jonathan Oakes

The Story Part 9: Landscape

Maike Nielsen

Into the Light

Michael Isles

Building Blocks of Colour

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