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Sixteen Gallery Wall


A brand new digital

community for artists 

Sixteen Online is an artist database that helps emerging and established artists connect directly with art lovers by creating a searchable community of personalised profiles

Are you an artist? Find out more about becoming part of this exciting new community.


Are you an art collector? Explore all Sixteen Online's artists from the comfort of your own home, and connect directly to any individual artist about their work.


Want a new platform to showcase your work? Where buyers can come directly to you without a middleman? Come and share your practice with us. Join the Sixteen Online community now for only £10 a month (£8.30
if you join us for the year) and create a profile for our database! This subscription keeps Sixteen Online working for you, without us taking any commission
on your work. Ever!


Our latest digital collection of artwork submitted by Sixteen Online members



Made by artists for artists, Sixteen Online builds on the back of the physical space at Sixteen Gallery in Cheltenham to give artists a new digital space to showcase their work.

Sixteen Online is here to provide a contemporary perspective to the way artists build a community and how buyers engage with it. A bespoke digital collection of predominantly local artists gives visitors a chance to explore artists' practices at their fingertips, and artists a chance to connect to buyers with zero commission when they sell their work.

Artists! This platform can give you a space to showcase works in a curated easy to maintain space, all you need to do is sign up and you can start creating your profile immediately.  

Art lover, or collector? Sixteen Online is the place to discover

new artwork and artists, and connect with them directly 

Start exploring now! 


If you're an art lover or collector, sign up here to find your next favourite artwork whilst directly supporting a community of fantastic artists

For all the latest with each months featured artists, community news and everything else going on around Sixteen Online subscribe below

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